Sunday, June 27, 2010

Review: FLIP Disposable Inserts

Nearly my entire Cloth Diaper stash at this point is made up of the Flip System by Cotton Babies. We've had such great success using the Flips, so easy to use and so versatile!

After my good luck winning a pack of Flip Disposable Inserts from Julie at ...And Baby Makes Three! I'm keeping tradition and posting a little review/comparison of my own!

Here's a lineup of all three types of Flip Inserts: Disposable, Stay Dry and Organic.

We're using the Flips on the Medium Rise Snaps right now, so the Disposable and Stay Dry have to be folded down and the Organic is short-folded.

Here's a look at each of the Flip Inserts actually in a cover:

And compared for bulk: Disposable in Pink; Stay Dry in Green; Organic in Blue

Closeup of the Disposable Insert:

The Disposable Inserts are really soft! I was surprised the first time I felt one. Plus they are SUPER trim!They are dye and fragrance free and certified Oeko-Tex. I love that they are compost-able (someday I'll have enough space for that composter!) I'm finding the insert to be a little narrow for the cover, too much PUL exposed. If I'm going to use the disposable only, I overlap two of them side by side to cover the PUL. I've found myself using the Disposable Inserts more as a doubler/liner with both my Flips and bumGenius 3.0's. They fit nicely over a Stay Dry Insert and are really about the same bulk-wise as using an Organic Insert alone. Plus I can use diaper cream if needed, and not worry about compromising the absorption of the cloth!

Stay Dry + Disposable layered:

Even though I'm not really using the Disposable Inserts as they were intended, they are a great addition to my cloth diaper arsenal (yes, I'm using the word arsenal, since baby is eating table food now, this is war!) Plus the added bonus of keeping my cloth clean - no stains, since I toss the mess!

Happy Cloth Diapering!

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  1. Oh wow - what a CREATIVE post! And love the colors of the dipes all stacked up! BTW, I tagged you in a post of mine... hope it's fun for you to write about yourself for your readers & keep it going if you can! :)