Monday, November 8, 2010

Wow, I'm a terrible blogger! But I have PIE!

Has it really been since June since I've posted?? Where does the time go? Halloween is already past (thank goodness the candy is almost gone!) and now we're looking forward to Thanksgiving - which means it's time to make pie!

(By way of background, in my earlier years, I attended culinary school to be a Pastry Chef, but you all know about having to pay the bills and such. A little Coffee Shop/Patisserie is on my list for after we've got the girls through college!)

My loving family and co-workers have been my guinea pigs and over the years I've perfected my Dutch Apple Pie, which is now mandatory (or so I'm told) for Thanksgiving. This year I'm branching out - time to start work on a Pumpkin Pie, from scratch - yes, I'm serious, real pumpkin, from an actual pumpkin - no more of that canned stuff!

Back soon with pics and progress - and I promise it won't be 5 months this time!

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