Saturday, June 19, 2010

Adventure: Re-Useable Grocery Bags

I'm trying to do little things to 'green' our household...I know it's tough to go all organic, shop for only local food, but one thing I can do is stop adding to the waste of plastic grocery bags. Fortunately, our grocery store has a recycling bin for the bags, but they seem to multiply under the kitchen sink to overflowing, before they can be re-used as bathroom trash can liners.

I've been collecting re-useable bags for awhile now, finding them here or there and now finally, my kitchen drawer where I keep them is FULL! So my adventure for today is to see if I can do a full grocery shopping trip and not bring any plastic bags home!

Here's my stash!

Did you know Target gives a 5 cent credit per re-useable bag that you bring in? Not much, but a nice little thing for them to do.

If you collect the Disney Movie Reward points, those green bags came as a reward! It was a pack of two, for only around 400 points (that's 4 movies worth) plus Disney makes a donation on your behalf to their Worldwide Conservation Fund.

So I packed up the girls and headed off to the store, armed with my big bunch of re-useable bags. Once we got to the checkout, I put my bags on the conveyer, and it felt good. I think the bagger might have been a little annoyed with me, because not all of my bags are shaped like the store brand's re-useable bags that they sell, but oh well!

So did I make it? Did I have enough bags for everything? Yes I did! I actually had 2 bags leftover!

This is an adventure I'm going to continue, it doesn't take much effort, but over time, it'll make a big difference.

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  1. YAY for Reusable bags! I've been meaning to start a project of using the old plastic bags under my sink to crochet reusable bags!!! I'm currently looking for a production team if you're interested... you know... with all your extra time! :)