Saturday, May 29, 2010

Adventure: Container Gardening Part 1

So, after a miserable, failed attempt at Container Gardening outdoors (a combination of hot weather and forgetting to go outside to water) it occured to me that my little ledge by the kitchen window might be a good spot to get some plants started.

We picked up a few little starter kits at Target, with the teeny tiny pots and soil "pellets". My 5 year old daughter had a great time stirring up the soil after we re-hydrated it and distributing to the pots. We planted parsley, red bell peppers and strawberries.

The picture above is our progress after about 5 weeks. The parsley has gone gangbusters and is ready to be re-potted. The red bell peppers are doing well, but need more time - they are destined for one of the upside-down planters (even though we will look like dorks with that thing hanging off our patio). The strawberries are pretty fickle - they did great at first, had about 8 sprouts, but forgot to water one day and they all died off except one!

I did have a little redemption from my outdoor plants - my green onions came back this year on their own! Maybe another few weeks and I'll have green onions to cook with!

Stay tuned for our progress!

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  1. Wow that is fantastic - I have never gotten one of those pellet plants to work for me... and I have tried a bunch. I just go to the farmer's market or local produce stand and buy herbs and plants as seedlings... and fortunately my hubbie always remembers to water otherwise I am the same as you - I always forget they need water! Good luck with your mini-garden!